Our Mission:



It's Your Body. It's Your Choice. It's Your Right.

PAN [PrEPaccessNOW] is a community-driven HIV prevention not-for-profit organisation advocating for equal and affordable PrEP access Australia wide.

We can help you on your journey to discover if PrEP is the right prevention tool for you, and we can point you in the right direction for access here in Australia, and help support those unable to afford PrEP.


Our Mission

PAN (PrEPaccessNOW Inc) is a not-for-profit Incorporated Association, that aims to lead the way in Australia and the world in contributing to the end of HIV by improving access to PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) for those who need it as well as access to treatment and reducing stigma for people living with HIV.


what we do

PAN is dedicated to providing accurate, informed, and accessible information for PrEP users, people who might be considering PrEP, or simply seeking more information about empowering themselves to take control of their sexual health. 

  • We provide assistance to people who cannot afford PrEP through coupon assistance

  • We reach out to community at events, fairs, and sexual health forums

  • We support peer led education through our Facebook group, open to all who wish to engage around positive and productive PrEP discussion and seek infomration.

  • We link PrEP seekers in with PrEP prescribing GPs and sexual health clinics

  • We refer on to other groups across Australia and internationally who are doing great work in advocating for PrEP.



Want to get in touch with the PAN team? Flick us a message over at the Contact Us page.

You can connect with the PAN team through our Facebook Group PAN [PrEPaccessNOW]


Michael Whelan


Michael started PrEP because he wanted to make sure that no matter what he was protected without relying on anyone else. Once I started myself, I realised I had knowledge to share with other people who might not know about PrEP. I wanted to help them on their journey too.

Michael also works in sexual health with Thorne Harbour Health - formerly the Victorian AIDS Council, and podcasts about the sex lives of gay, bisexual, and queer men on Hide and Seek on JOY 94.9


Jason Van Der Velden

Vice Chairperson

When Jason first became acquainted with PrEP he realised it was more than a health strategy, it was a promise. A promise that we would not go back to the dark days of the aids epidemic, that we wont be going away, wont lose, another generation and will be a fabulous headache for right-wingers for eternity.

Jason joined PAN because it was through the efforts of others that he was able to start his PrEP journey and wanted to give something back to the community.

For him, its also about being in a position to tackle the stigma associated with HIV and STIs, substance misuse, and sex positivity.


Chris Dimeglio


Chris’ PrEP journey began as a way to eliminate the fear, anxiety and guilt at every sexual health screening. The self-fulfilling guilt I would put on myself for the times I was not using condoms was a heavy burden I had not realised was weighing on me all these years.

Chris strongly believes PrEP is a game changer in reducing HIV transmissions and that all individuals should have the right to affordable and accessible options in accessing PrEP.

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Freddy Raftellis

Commitee Member

Freddy grew up in regional Victoria. Being sex-positive, and driven he found himself an ambassador for sexual health among his gay friends who didn’t have the community connection like their queer city cousins.

Freddy became ‘Mr VicBears’ in 2018 to represent the bear community in Melbourne, and raise awareness and funds for people newly diagnosed with HIV in regional and rural Victoria.


Our Programs

We can help support your clinic, organisation, or health service by providing resources to link future PrEP users into healthcare providers. We also operate on a peer model where we can speak directly to new participants or patients of your health programs .