Australian Capital Territory  // EPIC-ACT

People living in the ACT will be able to access PrEP through the EPIC-NSW study. There is a 200 place EPIC study ‘extension’ into the ACT.

ACT sites for access are online now!

There are two sites in ACT where you can access PrEP through EPIC – and a number of other sites where PrEP can be accessed through personal importation also.

As PrEP is now listed on the PBS – affordable PrEP will be available at your local pharmacy with a script, and EPIC-ACT participants will slowly be brought off the study as their time reaches a close - and will be able to continue their PrEP regime by being provided a PBS script.

If you were on EPIC you were getting your PrEP for free. This isn't the case on the PBS and you may find the cost of PrEP a barrier. If price is an issue, we recommend looking at personally importing the medication for a much lower price. For those unable to afford PrEP, and those who are Medicare ineligible - you can apply for assistance to receive free PrEP through PAN's Coupon Assistance Scheme





    Uncapped Places

    (through EPIC-NSW)


    Free PrEP

    EPIC Requirements

    • eligibility for EPIC-ACT is based on the NSW PrEP Guidelines.
    • have a Medicare card
    • be over the age of 18 years
    • be willing and able to provide written informed consent
    • have documentation of an HIV negative test performed at the screening visit
    • have a kidney function blood test result that supports taking generic Truvada
    • be able to provide a street address and/or telephone number and/or email address so you can be contacted during the period of the demonstration project



    Canberra Sexual Health Centre // Garran

    Interchange General Practice // Canberra City