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The cost of purchasing PrEP online is lower than it has ever been, which is great for PrEP consumers – and with PBS subsidised PrEP coming very soon – this means anyone with a valid concession will be able to purchase affordable PrEP.

If you are on a low income or have some financial hardship that means you are unable to afford the cost of both importing and accessing PBS co-payment for PrEP, then you are be eligible for help accessing PrEP.

The cost of purchasing PrEP from overseas (or buying locally under the PBS co-payment) can be prohibitive to some, and in states where there is no access to clinical studies, there is no other affordable option available.

Through a relationship with Green Cross Pharmacy, PAN is able to offer assistance to those in need of PrEP.

You can submit an application below requesting assistance. In Australia to personally import medication from overseas you must have a valid script for the medication you import, and you may only import a 3 month supply at a time. You can always come back and re-apply for further assistance when it’s time to reorder!

Please upload your script, and concession or pension identification.

You will receive an email with a discount code that you can use at the checkout on Green Cross Pharmacy’s website to have the cost covered, including shipping.

A member of our team may contact you if we need more information.


New Zealand’s NZAF has adopted PAN’s PrEP Assistance Scheme to provide free PrEP to New Zealand PrEP users. If you have a current Community Services Card you can

apply via Ending HIV’s website. 



Head to our form below to upload your script, and get some PrEP assistance!