BLEW Balls

Friday 6th July, 2018

CLUB80 - 10 Peel Street, Collingwood VIC



*limited tickets may be available on the door if not sold out prior.


Can't make it to the event? Grab a 'Can't Cum' ticket to support us!




Been hankering for the next BLEW party? Got BLEW Balls? Well fear not.

The famous FUCKraiser is back, and we're going balls to the wall for this one.


It's been a massive year for PrEP since our last party. PrEP is on the PBS! Any while that's amazing news, we still have tonnes of work to do. For instance, not everyone has access to medicare, and in states where clinical trials have been happening - some people without Medicare have been able to get access to PrEP that will soon be eleft in the dust. To us, that's just not on.


Aside from that job, we still have a LOT of people to get up to speed on PrEP. We were amazed chatting to people at places like Midsumma Carnival this year that didn't even know what PrEP was. So far, we've let those people down - and we don't plan to let them down much longer. 


That's why we need your help.


Our BLEW events raise funds for us to get print and digital resources out to people at clinics, community groups, and saunas. It also allows us to do simple things like keeping the lights on - keeping our website and emails running, which allows us to operate our coupon scheme.

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