How Do I Buy PrEP Online?


How Do I Buy PrEP Online?

With PrEP now listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) in Australia access to PrEP locally has never been better. There are a number of reasons people will still choose to import PrEP from overseas.


PrEP is around half the cost of the PBS when you buy it online. Why? Generic PrEP manufacturers overseas can produce and ship PrEP much more cost effectively. If you’re looking to save money on PrEP, buying online is the way to go.

No Medicare!

You can only access cheaper PrEP in Australia if you have a Medicare card. If you’re not an Australian citizen or resident, you may not have access to the Medicare system which allows you to get medication cheaply.

Supporting community!

Buying PrEP from Green Cross Pharmacy means that proceeds form the sale of your PrEP order will be set aside to allow us to get PrEP to people who can’t afford it through the PrEP Coupon Assistance Scheme

How to Buy PrEP Online

  1. Get tested

    First thing is first. Get along to your doctor and make a PrEP appointment. At your appointment your doctor will do a test for HIV and STIs, and also check your hepatitis B vaccination status, and also check your kidney function. Want to know why? Check out our post on why it’s important to test before and during PrEP.

  2. Get your prescription

    Your doctor will give you a prescription for PrEP. Your script might say Truvada, Truvada as PrEP, or simply Tenofovir Emtracitabine 300/200 - which is just the name of the two drugs in PrEP tablets.

  3. Get online

    Head to our Buy PrEP Online page and choose a PrEP supplier. Different PrEP suppliers will sell different kinds of generic PrEP drugs. Some common brands besides Truvada are Tenof-EM, Tenvir-EM, Adco-Emtavir, and Ricovir EM. So long as the product you order is Tenofovir Emtracitabine 300/200 you’ve selected PrEP!

    Paying for PrEP can vary depending on where you order from. Some take direct credit/debit card payments while others will use EFT (direct bank deposit), PayPal, or BitCoin. If you use BitCoin it might take a little extra time the first time you order PrEP to set up your BitCoin Wallet. Coinbase is the most versatile Bitcoin application as it works on PC and Mac, plus Android and iOS apps.

    Select a product that is 90 pills or add 3x 30 pill bottles to your cart.

    You need to upload your prescription at some stage during the ordering process. Why do you need a prescription? Without a prescription you may be able to pay for your order, and it may even be shipped - but because there are rules about importing medications into Australia you risk your PrEP being held at the border until you can produce a script, or worse yet your medication may be confiscated and destroyed. If this happens you won’t be eligible for a refund or replacement.