PrEP for Doctors DL flyers

PrEP for Doctors DL flyers

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PrEP is for everyone - and any doctor can prescribe PrEP. Not all doctors are aware they can prescribe PrEP, nor how to - and because of that may be reluctant to see PrEP patients. Never fear! PAN has all the tools to link them in with the expert guidelines to best see their patients.

Does you know a clinic, doctor, or service that might like to know about PrEP?

Made on thick card stock, these DL sized ‘rack’ cards are perfect for displaying in your reception or information area of your business.

We have the same size and style brochures for:

  • Trans women

  • Trans men

  • People under 18

  • People from overseas / Medicare ineligibles

  • ‘On Demand’ PrEP (aka intermittent dosing or PrEP 2-1-1)

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