PrEP for Teens

PrEP for Teens

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PrEP is for everyone - and that includes young people wanting to protect themselves from acquiring HIV. Does your clinic, service, or venue see people under 18 through the door?

Make sure your young people and teens are aware of the current barriers to accessing PrEP, and how to contact PAN should they need advice on access or making the decision to start PrEP.

Made on thick card stock, these DL sized ‘rack’ cards are perfect for displaying in your reception or information area of your business.

We have the same size and style brochures for:

  • Trans women

  • Trans men

  • Doctors

  • People from overseas / Medicare ineligibles

  • ‘On Demand’ PrEP (aka intermittent dosing or PrEP 2-1-1)

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