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The PrEPX-TAS Study is now no longer accepting participants. From April 1, PrEPX-SA patients will be migrated off the study and onto private scripts.

To find our more about what accessing PrEP on the
PBS is like for you, head over to PrEP on the PBS page

You can use that same PBS to access PrEP through personal importation, which is cheaper than the PBS price for many.

Head to Buy PrEP Online for details. 


Info about PrEPX-TAS:

PrEPX-TAS is the latest extension of the PrEPX study, run by Alfred Health which originally rolled out in Victoria. This extension has allowed for an additional 100 places in Tasmania. The criteria for entry are the same as PrEPX in Victoria, and the price will be the same. If you are unable to access the study for any reason, you can import low cost PrEP still, and good news is coming…

Soon, as PrEP is to be listed on the PBS – affordable PrEP will be available at your local pharmacy with a script.

With PrEP now listed on the PBS – affordable PrEP will be available at your local pharmacy with a script, as well as continued access to PrEP through personal importation

The following PrEPX sites will continue to provide PrEP through private scripts 





    100+ Places


    PBS co-payment for 3 months of PrEP

    ($39.50 or $6.40 concession)


    Limited spaces still available

    PrEPX Requirements

    • have a Medicare card
    • be over the age of 18 years
    • be willing and able to provide written informed consent
    • have documentation of an HIV negative test performed at the screening visit
    • have a kidney function blood test result that supports taking generic Truvada
    • be able to provide a street address and/or telephone number and/or email address so you can be contacted during the period of the demonstration project



    Clinic 34 // Launceston 

    SHS // Devonport



    Clinic 60 // Hobart