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FREE PrEP coupons for anyone who cannot afford the cost of PrEP

Free PrEP coupons are available to anyone who cannot afford to buy PrEP.

If you;

  • Do not have Medicare

  • Are a student

  • Are not able to work

  • Cannot afford to import PrEP for $20 per month for any reason


then simply apply for a free PrEP coupon. 

How do I apply?


Just like buying your PrEP through the PBS or buying online, you must get a test to start your PrEP journey


Using the form below, upload:

  • A PrEP prescription, in your name dated within the last four weeks

  • Photo ID 

  • Student ID, or another concession (optional)

Answer a few short questions about yourself, and why you need PrEP.


Once approved, we will send you a coupon code, which you can enter at checkout when buying PrEP. This will make your PrEP free!


Your will receive a tracking number to follow your order. Then, your order will arrive in the mail.


Start taking PrEP, and have fun!


Each coupon only works once, but you can reapply as many times as you need. Simply get a new prescription when you go back to your doctor.

A few things before you apply for a free PrEP coupon

Buying affordable PrEP has never been easier. Before you apply for a free PrEP coupon, take a look at low-cost options available such as;

  • Buy local PrEP on the PBS = $31.60 per month

  • Buy local PrEP with concession  = $7.70 per month

  • No Medicare = From $20 AUD per month when you buy PrEP online

  • Buy discounted PrEP from a Health Smart Pharmacy. Several Victorian locations, or pay $5 to ship anywhere in Australia


If you cannot afford or access these options, apply for a coupon.

Before you apple
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