Need to find how and where to buy PrEP online?


The below prices are a rough guide, but we try to be as accurate as possible. All the below pricing has been converted into Australian dollars, including shipping – sources directly from the suppliers websites.

Pricing may fluctuate based on the exchange rate of the Australian dollar, changes to shipping services or routes, and the availability of product. The pricing structure below does not include any fees your bank may charge to process the exchange of currency.

Prices up to date as of November 19th 2018

For transparency, clarity, and buyer confidence – we list four well known suppliers, which vary in price.

what to buy

All of the below suppliers sell medication which is approved for use as PrEP (Tenofovir Emtracitabine 200/300). Some suppliers may list other HIV treatment medications, and or drugs in other quantities.

To be compliant with the Personal Importation Scheme, and best practice guidelines in Australia be sure to purchase one of the following in no more than 3 month supply (90 pills)

  • Tenvir-EM

  • Ricovir-EM

  • Truvada

  • Teno-EM

  • Adco-Emtevir

  • Tenof-EM


important update

We have recently removed Freedom Health from our list of recommended suppliers for PrEP purchasing online. We try to list all the options to give you the choice, however after numerous reports of undelivered PrEP from members of the community we have since removed them. We do not recommend using this particular supplier. The below suppliers have all historically been excellent and you should experience a smooth process in ordering PrEP from them.



Green Cross PharMacy

  • $67.86 for 90 pills (Tenof EM)

    1. Ricovir EM & Tenvir EM avialable

    2. Delivery times vary based on preferred courier:

      • 5-7 days

      • 10-14 days

      • 14-21 days

    3. Includes Shipping



  • DYNAMIX International

  • $67.50 for 90 pills

    1. Ricovir EM

    2. Delivers ~10 days

    3. Includes Shipping




  • $217.72 for 90 pills

    1. Ricover EM & Tenvir EM

    2. Delivers 5-10 Days

    3. Includes Shipping




  • $213.88 for 90 pills

    1. Ricover EM & Tenvir EM

    2. Delivers 5-10 Days

    3. Includes Shipping

    4. You must select the annual FREE shipping option