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What if my PrEP is a different colour?

You've probably seen the familiar blue Truvada branded PrEP pill. If you search online for PrEP images you’ll probably see a whole bunch of blue PrEP pills scattered about, something like this:

The reason the ‘little blue PrEP pill’ is so popular is because the company that first produced the drug approved for use as PrEP was Gilead - and they named their pill Truvada. That pill was the shade of blue you see everywhere. But, did you know other companies make the same medication?

When they make their own medication, they shape it and colour it however they like. Some are different kinds of blue, and some are even white! As well as the shape and colour, the packaging may be different too. Your PrEP may come in a bottle or a blister pack.

The colour and shape don’t change how PrEP works - they are all effective at preventing HIV [1]. All these generic PrEP pills have the same active ingredients - Tenofovir and Emtracitabine 300/200mg.

Generic PrEP works just the same as the original Truvada. You can find out more about Generic PrEP in our other article: Does generic PrEP work the same as brand name Truvada?

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